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IMG 0593If you wish to fundraise to pay for a particular project, and have a team to do the work, then group volunteering is ideal.

All you have to do is tell us your project budget (amount available for the work), how many nights you will be here, and roughly how many people are in the group... then we'll find you a suitable project to work on.

This is a great option for schools and universities especially.

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IMG 0577Volunteering as a group has lots of benefits - we custom-build the programme to suit your criteria, and we have dedicated staff with the group for the whole programme. 

All you have to do initially is tell us

  • your project budget (the amount you will fundraise for the project work)
  • how many nights you will be here, and
  • how many people are in the group...

...we can then propose a suitable project for you.

Rai Som school is a long-term project, which began in 2018. We have a lot of work to carry out before the school can be completed, as well as the rest of the supporting work - farmstay, volunteer block, ancillary buildings, and gardens.

We will be looking for groups to help us here for a number of years to come, initially to help build infrastructure but eventually opening up to a wider variety of projects.

This work is perfect for school and university groups, as well as private teams. We have decades of experience looking after volunteer groups, and many return year-on-year bringing new generations of students to learn about the issues and cultures here in northern Thailand.

Below are some of the basic details, and an enquiry form if you are interested in organising a group. Please feel free to contact us directly via email as well.


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