Architectural plans & costings

Some of the main buildings, including the two classrooms, have already had their plans drawn up and costed. Other buildings are in the process of being completed. If you would like to donate towards the cost of one or more of the buildings, please click here.

The complex comprises a number of areas - school, administration block, farmstay, volunteer block, offices, and the areas assigned to rice paddies, vegetable gardens and flower beds.

The priority is to build the school as quickly as possible, so that the students currently learning in temporary classrooms across the road will be able to move in this year (2018). The main school buildings, some with links to individual building plans, are listed below. Each building has an associated funding link where it is possible to donate money for the work.

The buildings below are the bulk of what is planned for the school, although we plan to add classrooms as the school expands its capacity each year, up to a total of 300 students.

Classrooms (SC1 & SC2)

Each classroom has its own bathroom facilities, a side area for the teacher's desk and a bed. The classrooms are linked by a single covered walkway in front. SC3, the covered Hall in front of the classrooms will initially be an area to learn outside, but is earmarked for conversion to full classrooms in the future.

Office complex

Comprising two buildings, the office complex includes a reception area, meeting room, and hall. The two buildings are linked by a covered walkway and surrounded by gardens.


The students need a separate canteen area, which can also be used for other activities during the day. The canteen will include a kitchen for preparing lunches and washing up.

  • Number: 1
  • Plans: Currently N/A
  • Contribute: Canteen

Sleeping room

For the young children attending pre-school/childcare, activities are run in the morning only. After lunch, the children sleep until it's time to go home. It's necessary to have a separate room for sleeping, so that the older children can continue studies in the afternoon. Initially, the sleeping room will be utilised as a workshop, housing the brick-making machines and storing building materials. Once the other buildings are completed, the building will be converted to its proper purpose.

  • Number: 1
  • Plans: Currently N/A
  • Contribute: Sleeping room (Currently N/A)

Staff room (H2)

The teaching staff need a building to keep resources and records, to use for an office, include a toilet block and have a rest area.

  • Number: 1
  • Plans: Currently N/A
  • Contribute: Currently N/A 


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