Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct has been written to keep the communities we work with safe, and our foundation running smoothly.

There's a lot to read in other parts of the website, but if you understand and abide by the following points, we shouldn't have too many problems. Mirror is a long established, and well known, Thai Non-Governmental Organisation, which works very hard to help ethnic minorities in Thailand. It is most definitely not a holiday destination - volunteers are here to work.

Remember, you have applied to volunteer with our organisation - we haven't hit you on the head and dragged you kicking and screaming to come here.

As such, we expect you to abide by our code of conduct. It applies to all volunteers and you will have agreed to these as part of the terms and conditions - it is your responsibility to read the code below, and all other information before you begin your programme.

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, creeds, colours and genders. Each one has their own moral and ethical code, beliefs and lifestyle. Mirror has many volunteers passing through its doors, and we must run a tight, albeit relaxed and happy, ship - to ensure that our own moral and ethical code, beliefs and lifestyle are maintained. 

The volunteer project is only one element of the work we do here, but is considered an important part. So, please remember that while on your placement, you represent our foundation and are seen as potential role models by the students and local community. How you act - at Rai Som school, at the project generally, and in town during your days off... affects our work directly. Inappropriate behaviour will damage the important work done, and will mean you are having a negative, not positive effect during your stay. To help us maintain our reputation and standards, we have a code of conduct which is important for you to understand and adhere to...

The following information is a way of harmonising and integrating everyone during their stay at Mirror. It means putting your own needs second to ours for a short time.

Code of Conduct


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