Individual volunteering

Volunteering at our Rai Som project

P20180518 100725781 3152169F 1267 49AA AD40 7B98204E08C8If you are interested in volunteering at our school for a period of one week or more, please contact us directly. It is an amazing opportunity to give AND receive so much during the experience.


Our volunteer programme is a liberal mix of teaching, childcare, and farming work. We also include work which continues to build and/or maintain the project. If you prefer to concentrate on one type of work over another, then just let us know in advance so we can adjust our schedule.


Our school runs classes from Childcare through Kindergarten, and onto Primary 1. As we move forward, the plan is to add a new grade each year - so by 2023 at the latest, we will have extended up to Primary 6. The total number of students will be approximately 300, and we already have 126 (May 2018) registered and attending school. English language is the main lesson taught by our volunteers.

Teaching volunteers are expected to plan and write their own lesson plans, input into a database, write evaluations after each class, and be proactive and open to other jobs.


The childcare students sleep after lunch, so volunteers have time in the afternoon to plan and prepare for the following day. However, if there is spare time, we are looking for volunteers who are also willing to get their hands dirty in the garden. Childcare classes run educational activities, improving physical and mental development, not teaching.


The onsite farm is designed to help support the school by supplying food (rice and vegetables, fruit), and financial aid from paying guests. The childrens' diet at home is generally poor and unhealthy. Lunches are their main meal of the day, and by growing and supplying fresh vegetables and fruit, we can help ensure a nutritious meal. Volunteers will help with all types of work, depending on the season and weather. It may include planting, weeding, harvesting, spraying (natural), and other jobs.

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The information below gives an broad outline of our expectations, requirements, and some general information. If you are interested in applying for the programme, please fill in the enquiry form.


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